I’ve not heard that word before…


When spoken this word sounds the same as ‘heal’ or ‘heel’.  In the ritual it rhymes with words around it such as ‘conceal’, and ‘reveal’.  Indeed, the initiate hearing the word hele for the first time will begin to understand that it probably has a meaning connected to secrecy.  The educated man has learnt that ‘hele’ is a proper word of the Scots language, and that this word means to keep a secret.

Thus the initiated Mason learns that he is being instructed three times over to respect secrecy.

And the sources of our Masonic ritual are better appreciated. 

I do note that in some places the word hele is pronounced as ‘hale’ or ‘hail’. There are explanations for this pronunciation that are — in my opinion — separated from the elegant simplicity, rhythm, rhyme, and context, of the lecture.

One thought on “I’ve not heard that word before…

  1. Robert Culbertson says:

    V. W. sir, congratulations on becoming the Grand Historian for the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario.

    Over the past 18 months your information and knowledge has been enlightening. I thoroughly enjoyed your book about the Master’s Emblem

    In your researches over the years, have you come across information that would help one understand how it was that the Trowel was dropped as a tool in the ritual at the Unification of Grand Lodge in England, 1813?

    Thank you in advance for any response.

    S & F,

    W. Bro. Robert Culbertson
    Coronati Lodge # 520, GRC


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