A Masonic Lodge Seal at the Battle of Waterloo

In 1933 a Masonic Lodge Seal was presented to my Lodge. The explanation with it said it was for a regimental lodge with an Irish warrant. And that the lodge had to disband after the Battle of Waterloo. In 2014, with the 200th anniversary of the Battle of Waterloo approaching, I decided to check the explanation and remind the Brethren of my lodge that we had an artifact about 200 years old.

I discovered that the story of the Masonic Lodge Seal wasn’t completely accurate. I shared what I had found out at meetings of my own Lodge, and The Heritage Lodge No. 730.

Link to The Heritage Lodge No. 730 G.R.C.

It is true in this case that ‘no study of history is ever complete’.

Early April 2022 found me sharing more of the story of the Masonic Lodge Seal. The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia host a Sunday evening informal gathering. My presentation was delivered, and well received. Here is the link to the recording:


Search items: ‘Lodge No. 895′ ’71st Regiment’ ‘Highland Light Infantry’ ‘Irish Constitution’.

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