A Video of Parallelepipedon

The Grand Lodge of Nova Scotia welcomes Masons to gather online at a scheduled time. Each week we are welcomed by a Past Grand Master, and a skilled Brother running the technology. And we enjoy social mirth! There are Brethren attending from across the province of Nova Scotia, across Canada, across the Caribbean, across the United States, and from places far across the seas.

I had the opportunity to address these Brethren in this forum. My presentation to them was on just one word: “parallelepipedon”. This is the word used in the Ritual I know (the Canadian Ritual) to describe the form of the Lodge. In some other Rituals, the form of the Lodge is described as an oblong square.

So for those who use the word parallelepipedon, my lecture added to their understanding of just one word in the lecture to the new Mason. And for those who’ve never heard the word before, well, it was just fun!

I am grateful that the Brethren who organize and support the online gatherings recorded my presentation and made it available to me.

Click here to see the recording of my lecture on the word “parallelepipedon”.

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