Due Now!

Unfortunately many words in our English language have more than one meaning.  It is necessary to appreciate such words in the context of the phrase, or the lecture within our ritual and ceremonies in which it the word is used to discern the instructive meaning for a Mason.

For example, Masons are instructed to “pay due respect to the laws”.  While the common man might give thought to obey a law when it suits his purpose, or only some of the time, a Mason is given the proper context as the lecture is delivered.  Just as ‘go due North’ means to travel exactly and precisely North, so too does ‘due respect’ mean conforming to the intent as well as the letter of the law.

Similarly Masons hear that their lodge meeting is where every Brother will receive his “just due”.  A common man may give thought to retribution or come-uppance when hearing this.  For a Mason such a thought is dismissed as the ceremony continues and makes clear that there is fair and equal opportunity for every Brother of the Lodge to contribute to the happiness of the Lodge; even to actively preserve the usages and customs of our gentle Craft.

With this one word – ‘due’ – a diligent Mason will recognize the value of further study of several of the liberal arts and sciences; specifically grammar, rhetoric, and logic.

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