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Isn’t a ‘mercenary’ a warrior? Well, yes…and…

In our world that is torn by conflicts and warfare, we understand that a professional soldier who is hired to fight, without regard for what is right or which nation employs him, is a mercenary.  He may be of great skill in combat, but his reason for taking up arms is to be rewarded with […]


The common man may equate this word with ‘magnanimous’ as a synonym for ‘generous’. The educated man, and a Mason, learn that there is a more profound meaning.   More than one dictionary defines ‘magnanimity’ as having a well-founded positive confidence about himself, that is demonstrated to others by a generous nature, a noble purpose […]


Wednesday September 15, in the evening, I am speaking to the W.J. Dunlop Lodge No. 675. My topic is a Lodge Seal for a Regimental Lodge that held a travelling Warrant from the Grand Lodge of Ireland. The Lodge Seal was present at the Battle of Waterloo. It is clearly over 200 years old and […]


An educated man appreciates that this word is applied to the poor, the marginalized, the homeless of our country.  They experience poverty on a daily basis.  The man becoming a Mason in our tyled Lodges is reminded that charity and benevolence are truly Masonic ornaments.  And the Mason reflecting on all the steps of his […]


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Very Worshipful Brother Marshall Kern is a member and Past Master of Victoria Lodge No. 56 in Sarnia, Ontario, Canada. He is also the Grand Historian of the Grand Lodge of Canada in the Province of Ontario